Win a chance to live your dream!

The Backwoods Visitors’ Center & Community Shoppe raises money every year in order to put together a $1000 scholarship to award to a rural community member. We feel that because scholarships are extremely competitive, people who live in rural areas don’t stand a large chance of winning… but we have the dream. The scholarship is for anyone with a dream, and there is no age limit- you could be 4, 14, 44, or 104!

Through my eyes, it seems like if you don’t have a generational operation to work towards (like a family farm), or can’t find a job nearby, people get sucked into the cycle of not being able to seek a better life. One Christmas a couple years ago, I went to visit an older friend who lives an hour or so away in Georgia. We went to visit some friends of his who seem to all help each other out. There was a young male, probably around 18 at the time, who was getting trapped into the cycle- by being born into a very rural area, he couldn’t get a job because he didn’t have a car, and he couldn’t buy a car because he didn’t have a job!

This scholarship opportunity is to give a little help or hope. Some get into drugs, some get on welfare or depend on elder generations, or some just live an unhappy life. Maybe you got off track somewhere and life isn’t turning out the way you wanted. There is always time and now here is your opportunity. This scholarship is to give someone with a dream the chance to earn a real income, go to school, or make the world a better place. And we will help you all the way.

The Purpose of this scholarship will be to help rural Americans reach their dreams, but also to teach what is needed in order to reach those goals, and to succeed.

Eligibility Requirements:

"On the Mountain" Scholarship eligibility map

“On the Mountain” Scholarship eligibility map

  • Must live on the Long Creek side of any surrounding town (see map)
  • Must have a passion with realistic potential
  • Must have the will to succeed and the want to go further after goals are reached

Directions for Applying:

Please do not write your name at the top of your paper. When you turn in your paper we will assign you a number.

>>Answer the following questions as in depth as you can:

-What do you want to get out of life?

-What path do you see yourself following?

This is your opportunity to put your mind towards something- and succeed.

Criteria for selecting an awardee will be based on a detailed thought process- whether or not passion is portrayed, if there is determination to reach one’s goals, and the will to continue after reaching original goals.

Explain to us where this money will go, for what, and why? Basically, a plan presenting your dream, backed up with research to make sure you can accomplish your dream, and then an [x amount] year plan(s) for after you meet the initial dream. For example: You want to put scholarship money towards books for college. You need to tell us everything from why you want to go to college, what you will be studying, why you want to study it, what you will be doing with your degree after college, etc. Want to start a new business? We want to see your detailed Business Plan. We want to hear your heart speak out. We want to know you are serious, that you are willing to work hard, and that you want to succeed! Use as many words as you need to in order to convince us you are the most deserving of this scholarship award. Spelling and punctuation count, and be sure to come in for help if you need it, we will be happy to guide you in any way we can.

Money won will go not directly to the person, but in the form of check(s) made out to the place(s) stated in the paper that will help with the mission.

You can send in your paper through e-mail:, mail: 13847 Long Creek HWY, Long Creek, SC, 29658, or in person at The Backwoods Visitors’ Center & Community Shoppe, same address Thursday-Monday 11am-5pm

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or stop by for tutoring 🙂

If you would like to join the cause, please donate to our Paypal account. With your gracious donation, anything is possible! Thank you all very much for your support, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish such an important goal without you. The more money we are able to raise, the more people we will be able to help. One day we would like to see our scholarship raise enough money to be able to reach all rural areas across America.

Stay tuned… the Pokeweed berries are starting to turn purple! We will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to dye using natural ingredients from your yard or garden!

Tomorrow: Lessons from a BBQ guru~ sharing lessons learned and recipes shared for making one of the best BBQ pork dinners you will ever eat 😉


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