A series of locally made ghost tales

Our collections of Joel Coke books for sale in shoppe (or on Etsy: Longcreek Backwoods)

Our collections of Joel Coke books for sale in shoppe (or on Etsy: Longcreek Backwoods)

At The Backwoods, we are lucky to have books by our local artists. Today’s post is about one in particular. He writes under the pen name Joel Coke and has published, so far, four books. Each book he writes, he chooses a local attraction and writes a ghost story that takes place at that location. These short fiction stories are great because they are written as one long poem.

The first book he came out with is called The Ghost of Woodall Shoals or the Demon’s Deliverance. This book is our best seller. It is a fantastic story that preludes with a testimony: “This past summer, I was on Lake Tugaloo. It was twilight, and a storm was coming up. I saw something bobbing in the waves close to the shore. I paddled over and found a sealed, welded metal box. Curious, I picked it up. I put it aside when I got home and got busy and didn’t think about it for several days. One Saturday afternoon, I put it in a vice and took a hacksaw to it. After about ten minutes, I had it open and was very surprised at what was inside. I found a handwritten journal and a golden locket in a dilapidated leather pouch. Engraved on the locket were the words, “God bless you, Molly darling, my straying soul you saved.” The date “June 13, 1925” was also engraved. The journal contained a poem which had been elegantly handwritten with a fountain pen. Some of the pages were waterlogged and nearly unreadable. It took me several weeks to decipher the writing. I had the locket and the box analyzed. The locket was said to be 18-carat gold and at least ninety years old. I was told that the box had probably been floating in the water for at least ten years. The box had many scrapes and dents, as if it had been battered by the rocks on a journey down the Chattooga River. Other than the names in the poem, I found nothing to indicate who wrote the poem or why it and the locket were placed in the box. The poem was reconstructed to the best of my ability. The poem follows. Joel Coke”

It really makes you want to dive right into this book! I would consider them easy reads, and are great on camp-outs for tales around the campfire 🙂

The next in the series is The Ghost of Stumphouse Tunnel, the Revelation of Tim the Shaker.

The Ghost of Table Rock, or Sacrifice at the Hunter’s Moon

The Howl from Raven Cliff, or the Legend of Oconee Belle

Read the testimonies to these books, and purchase one or the whole series currently out on our Etsy Page. Each and every book is signed by the author! Only at The Backwoods 😉

The next book to look forward to is Resurrection at Rabun Bald, or Curse of the Mountain Witch. Look out for it this fall! It will include a good guy, a bad guy and his witch-y girlfriend, a death or two, an angry mob, a resurrection or two, and a pretty good ending… not to give away too much 😉 This is the first book to have a few illustrations, and I was lucky enough to be asked to participate!

Hope you enjoy these fun books, and stay tuned for notice on the upcoming release of Resurrection at Rabun Bald, or Curse of the Mountain Witch! OOOOooooooooo


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