OMG- a recipie that will make you talk in internet slang

I have been searching Pintrest to come up with dinner recipes, especially when I have an over abundance of something. It has been super helpful since I’ve started getting food from the Clemson Area Food Exchange, an organic or chemically free, well, food exchange. You order what’s available and farmers/bakers/etc deliver ๐Ÿ™‚ This summer I typically ordered a Farm Box, which is $30 or a whole bunch of veggies… You never know what’s in it until you get it. It’s fun! Makes me get a little more creative in the kitchen.

At one point this summer, I had way too much cottage cheese (you might have read my review on cinnamon rolls?)… Anyway, along with needing to use up the cottage cheese, I needed to use up a bunch of zucchini, too. I found this curious recipe and pinned it to my Good Lookin’ Food board.

Quinoa Burgers!! If you didn’t already know, quinoa is the cat’s meeeow! Do a quick google search if you don’t already know ๐Ÿ˜‰

This recipe calls for carrots, but the author didn’t have carrots one night and substituted with zucchini. Her husband afterwards told her she can only make them with zucchini from now on… He was so right!! Give it a try! I promise if you follow this recipe to the T the first time, you won’t be let down. Holy moooooly… Mmmmmmmm……

P.S. to Long Creekers (and Mountain Resters… And surrounding area I guess if you want to pick up in Long Creek), my grandmother lives in Seneca now and I visit her every Tuesday. That fortunately lands on a C.A.F.E. (Clemson Area Food Exchange) pick up day in Seneca at the hospital, so I have been volunteering there and picking up food and bringing it back to Long Creek. If anyone is interested in buying organic/chemical free local goodies, I will bring them to Long Creek for you. Friday at 9pm ordering begins and you have three-ish days to complete your order. You can order on their website or though their app!! You can order twice for free before you need to pay a $20 annual membership fee. And I am offering FREE DELIVERY TO THE BACKWOODS by 6:30/7pm Tuesdays. Just make note on your orders that Sarajoy is picking up your order, and please prepay ๐Ÿ™‚ easy peasy for some locally grown organic veggies, meat, dairy, baked goods, etc. Please let me know if your interested!!


2 thoughts on “OMG- a recipie that will make you talk in internet slang

    • And freaking delicious! This is now my #1 favorite non-dessert recipe I have ever made: quick, easy, and soooooo tasty and good for you??!?! My mouth is watering just thinking about it… I better put it on the dinner menu soon!


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